Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To keep you updated, I'm right in the middle of full-blown cough/mucous/sore throat thingy, and I am limiting myself to Mucinex in the morning and Nyquil at bedtime.  So far, I seem to be able to manage.  One thing I need to bring up though, as my wife and I have noticed a startling habit forming.  When my daughter eats something she likes, she says and signs "more" to show that she wants more of that thing.  Well, this is great with foods and drinks because you begin to know what she likes and you can make sure she's always full.  The more she likes it, the more emphatic the "more" is.  What is startling, though, is that she also says "more" for things like gummy vitamins and baby Tylenol (her molars are coming in and her new nickname is Miss Crankypants).  And when she says it, it would read like this: "MORE MORE MORE MORE!"  If I didn't think it already, this would definitely convince me that the major drug companies are all about getting people addicted to their stuff.  Legal crack, if you will, that hooks people when they are as little as one year old!  I'm glad that they make it taste good, because otherwise, she'd never take it, but are we just getting them hooked on legal crack?  It's something to think about.

I just wanted to use this space to wish all of the mom's out there a Happy Mother's Day.  As a new stay at home dad, I have a new found appreciation for what wives and mothers do on a daily basis to keep households running, husbands happy, and kids from killing each other.  No kids with dirty diapers ever say thank you after they get changed, so I will do it here - THANK YOU!  We don't want to smell your stinky kids.

This is going to be a light post, sorry.  I have some great stuff on the way for Wednesday and Friday, and then the blog will be updated only twice per week to avoid people unfriending me on Facebook for all of my shameless self-promotion.  My goal is to keep people laughing, so I would rather put up two days of great material than waste people's time by asking them to visit to read sub-par work.  Thank you for allowing me to be  honest here.  This job of stay at home dad is fun and amazing.  My daughter keeps me on my toes, and she constantly impresses me with her ability to absorb and learn and repeat.  We're going to play outside now.  It's so nice out!

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