Mr. Mom

Don't call me that. Ever. 

Take the Pledge

My daughter already has a mom, and she is AMAZING.  I am not attempting to replace my daughter's mother's role by being our daughter's primary caregiver.  I am her dad.  Did I mention that I have an AMAZING wife that is NOT the father of our child?  Would you call my wife "Mrs. Dad" because she works 40 hours a week?  Of course not.  "Mr. Mom" is just as ridiculous.  Dads are parents too.  We can be every bit as nurturing and caring as mothers when given the same amount of training and time with our children.  There are thousands of men who are the primary caretakers of their children, and they probably don't want you to call them "Mr. Mom" either.  Just go ahead and eliminate the phrase from your vocabulary. 


Greg Jennings doesn't want to be called
"Mr. Mom" either.


  1. Hi Matt,

    I love the message you have conveyed on your blog. I was recently watching an episode of the Cosby Show on Centric TV and the episode description said something to the effect of "Rudy is sick and Cliff stays home to babysit." And I thought, "since when is caring for your own child considered babysitting?

    I and my brother (father of two) often feel disheartened by the lack of positive and empowering messages about fathers in the media. Most sitcoms present fathers as bumbling idiots who would burn the house down if not for mom's supervision. Thank you for being a stand for fathers and the special role they play in their children's lives. I look forward to following you.


    Jennifer Weberman

    1. Thanks for the comment! I'd love to have you guest blog sometime.



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