Friday, July 8, 2011

Creepy Kid's TV Moment #3 - Yogi Okey Dokey

I went to You Tube this morning and searched for "creepy kids tv" and this was one of the first results. How did I miss this gem? Perhaps some of you saw this on "The Soup" blog, but I would like to break down this video a little more in depth, and draw your attention to some of the highlights. See if you can spot all of these things I noticed.

:05 - We're only five seconds in and a giant rooster (read: cock) is jumping onto the scene.
:20-:27 - During the intro song, the yogi finds it necessary to embrace each and every child.
:30-:32 - rooster dance, wtf?

1:14 - Yogi actually begins touching the children while they are posing and whispers "Are you breathing, Christian?" in a super-creepy voice.
1:18 - There is no way to possibly explain to you what I'm seeing here... It's supposed to be a chicken scratching in the dirt, but it looks like a flexible old man who wants to show his rear to a little girl while he watches her reaction.
1:35 - Anyone else think he touches this boy for way too long?
1:49 - Okay, this one is partially the camera angle. Wait, no it's not. It's creepy no matter how you look at it. "Nice anvil, Christian."
1:51 - He actually talks about eating a child. "Nice tomato, I'll take that for my sandwich," as he plucks it off of the boy.
1:57 - "Mmmmm," he says, in a very suggestive way, then the rooster and the cow ALSO say it!

From here to the end is a bunch of stuff that is weird, but not necessarily "creepy" like the other stuff. Performing a harmony bit about vegetables, acting like a crow or doing your best Busta Rhymes (NWS) impersonation (2:22) are all things that could be done on a normal kids tv show. Be a good parent. Don't let your kids see this.

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