Friday, August 5, 2011

Creepy Kid's TV Moment #4 - Mr. Noseybonk

I have a lot of new readers since the last Creepy Kid's TV Moments post, so I want to explain the process.  Some of the creepy shows will be shows that I watched as a kid and thought were creepy, and some of them, like today's story, are "discovered" clips that I find simply by going to YouTube and typing the phrase "creepy kids tv" into the search box.  

In today's adventure, we travel across the pond to the merry old land of the BBC for a clip of Noseybonk, the frightening loveable character from the British TV show Jigsaw (1979-1984), who could, no doubt, moonlight in off-off Broadway productions of Cyrano.

As you watch the video, the first thing that should "jump out" at you is Noseybonk's giant nose. This is probably how he got his name. Maybe he hits things with his large sniffer, thereby "bonking" it. Or you could take the Urban Dictionary definition of "bonk" which means "to have sex or shag."  I believe this would qualify as British slang.  So, if we then take his name literally, it means he has sex with or with his nose.  Awesome.

Next, you'll notice that Noseybonk is planting a clue.  The seeds he uses are called "NOSEGAYS."  Really?  They couldn't come up with anything more sexually suggestive?  He plants the seeds, which curiously look like beans, and then he waters them.  All of a sudden, six giant phallic objects "grow" out of the pots he just planted.  It appears that he is growing noses, but I think Noseybonk is a sex toy farmer.  You be the judge.

This is really inappropriate for children's tv...  how did this show last five years?  Oh, right, it was in Britain.  Stay tuned kids!  Next week there will be a new section on the site for summer recipes, and I will also be introducing you to some new affiliates that you will see on the site.  Have a safe weekend!

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