Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grandma is a Gummy Bear

My daughter is at the special age where she is starting to recognize and name things.  Not just from repetition, but from actually seeing an object and recognizing what it is.  The play kitchen has been incredibly helpful with this because of all of the different food items we can teach her.  I'm raising a foodie here people!  She has also recently started to sound like an Italian.  "Itsa hot, itsa cold, itsa teevee, itsa ball, itsa food, itsa milk..." adorable as this is, I'm glad itsa phase and I'll be happy when itsa over.

She has also come up with an affectionate name for her maternal grandmother - "Muggy."  Don't ask why.  She can say "grandpa" just fine, but when we ask her to say "grandma" she just says "Muggy."  Here's where the confusion lies - when I give her a gummy bear vitamin after her allergy medicine each morning, I ask her, "What do you get when you take your medicine?"  And the correct answer is "gummy" and she knows this because she used to say it; however, she now answers, "Muggy."  So, now grandma is a gummy bear.  Sorry Muggy, I'm trying to fix it!

I bring this up only to stir up a little bit of debate about naming grandma and grandpa.  Every family has different names for their elders, but the way that they come up with those names can be traditional or, in our case, totally random.  For instance, someone might be a "Gi" because the child could not yet say "grandma" or someone might be a "pop-pop" because that's what all of the grandpas in the family have always been called.  Another grandmother might already have a name picked out that she wants the child to learn to associate with her.  I don't know if there is a right or wrong way to pick out names for grandma and grandpa, but I would like to hear your stories.  

Did grandma and grandpa pick their own names?  Does your family have a traditional name for all of the grandparents?  Do you (the parent) pick?  Do you just wait for your kid to call them something that sticks?  What are your names for your grandparents or what do your kids call your parents?  Please share anything that is totally adorable!


  1. We actually have three sets of grandparents in our family from a divorce/remarriage, so in tackling the grandparent name game, we figured we needed distinct names for each so the kids could differentiate between them easier. The Twins are the first grandkids on both sides, so we approached each and asked what they wanted to be called. They seemed to like it because it let them sort of personalize their relationship with the kids in their own unique way.

    Nobody chose "Gummy Bear" though.

  2. I suppose six is more difficult than four! I guess when you are dealing with six, the only way to go is to personalize. It is interesting that you asked, because we asked too, and the answers were across the board from a clear "I want to be called _____" to "Whatever she wants to call me".

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