Thursday, October 13, 2011


Remember when slap bracelets were cool? That's how I felt when I received my MODIFY watches in the mail for this review.  These watches are the perfect care-free accessory for any type of fashion, and there are a lot of things to like about them.  Whether it's the throw back sense of style, or the ability to customize your watch to your outfit, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


It's pretty simple, really.  The jelly like straps are flexible so you can interchange chunky, yet funky, face plates.  So, if you have a silver face plate and two straps, you can have two completely different, yet equally stylish watches.

Endless Possibilities


Modify watches are fun for the entire family.  Of course, your teens will probably rock the funky colors while dad sticks to business with the argyle facing.  Each combination has a fun name too.  Visit their site to see for yourself.  What self-respecting Trekkie wouldn't want a watch called the Mr. Spock (silver face + blue strap)?  With the ability to order any combination of straps and face plates, you literally have hundreds of options to chose from when you accessorize.  They can be fun enough for kids and stylish enough for adults.  The whole family can share!


Modify Watch straps are a jelly like rubber that I didn't think I would like at first.  I just remember how my wrist smelled after a long summer day in the early 90's.  My calculator wrist watch would leave a terrible smell that would eventually turn into a funky build up of sweat and dirt.  HOWEVER, the genius behind the Modify design is that you can remove the face plate (part that can be damaged by water) and wash the strap with soap and water keeping it "fresh" as well as "dope."

The only negative I found with the strap is that it barely fit my wrist (I have freakishly large wrists).  I was able to get it strapped into the last hole.  I understand that most people with normally sized wrists will have no problem with the current sizing.  I always struggle to find watches that fit properly, and it would be nice if Modify could offer a "big & tall" section for us freakishly large-wristed folks.  If not, perhaps they could just position the holes further down the strap to include those of us freaks with proportionally abnormal wrists.

Modify face plates are plastic.  I am incredibly hard on watches, and I wouldn't recommend them to myself for everyday wear.  But I am not everyone, and I think most people, especially kids, could wear these every day without any difficulty. I would have liked to see a glass face, but I understand that there is a cost issue, and plastic will do for most people.  The face plates are also water resistant (NOT waterproof) so they should not be worn while swimming or diving.

Obviously, I like the styles.  I also love a company with a personality, and Modify seems to have quite the little sense of humor.  Even if you're not in the market for a watch, just check out some of their names for their watches.  They also frequently have naming contests on their Facebook page.

The Business Line

The pricing of the watches also seems fair.  At $55 for a set (1 face/2 straps), the price is comparable to what you would pay for two fashionable watches of this quality.  You can add value to your collection by choosing a larger starter kit like The Business Line (pictured above - 3 faces/2straps) for $85 and have six great combinations at your disposal for around $13 a piece.


One lucky winner will receive a Modify Watch (1 face, 1 strap, colors randomly selected by Modify) to get your collection started!  There are many ways to enter, and there are opportunities for bonus entries just for sharing.  Enter below!

This review and giveaway was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I was provided with one Modify face and two Modify straps in order to complete the review.


  1. Those look pretty cool! To bad I live in Canada lol :) Love the colours!

  2. @Krissy - Yeah, it sucks. But those were the rules set up by Modify, not me. Don't shoot the messenger... in fact, don't shoot anyone. It doesn't turn out well for anyone involved.

  3. Love all the different choices!!!

  4. New follower from the tribe! Entered your giveaway. Thanks! :)

    Another Day in Paradise

  5. @Sandra - I know, right?! Mix and match heaven!

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