Friday, October 7, 2011

#SAHDConventionDC is HERE!

Stay at home dad convention... they have one of those?  YES THEY DO!  A group of dads that has been cooped up with their crazy kids all year is coming to unleash our mayhem on our nation's capital!  This will involve getting up at 8AM and being in bed by 9PM, so if you could kindly comply with our sleep needs, D.C., we will appreciate it.

All kidding aside, I leave today for the 16th Annual At Home Dads Convention in Washington, DC. I look forward to meeting the brotherhood of dads that I have been interacting with online.  There should also be plenty of opportunities to learn a few things during the sessions that are given on Saturday.

What's on the agenda at a dads' convention?  Well, there are plenty of interesting topics like "Listening to our Wives," "Being a Good Sports Parent," "Get Your Child Ready To Read," age-based open forums, "Developing Self-Esteem in Children," "Discipline Techniques," "Depression in Dads," and much, much more!

If you follow me on Twitter (@realmattdaddy) I will be Tweeting live from a few of the sessions. Follow the hash tag #SAHDConvnetionDC

I look forward to writing about it all when I get back, but for now, I've got a bag to pack.  Adios!

PS - Don't forget to VOTE if you haven't yet!  The contest ends soon!  And thanks to those of you who voted already, The Real Matt Daddy is currently in 15th after only two days!  KEEP IT UP!


  1. 16th annual!? The irony is that various surveys don't really reflect the # of SAHD's...WHY? Because lots of dads don't like to admit it! Sad, but true. Why? Because we SAHDs still are looked down upon, made fun of, and even other men will regularly ask, "So, when are you going back to work?"

  2. I'm not ashamed at all! I love telling people that I'm a stay at home dad, ESPECIALLY other guys. I find that a lot of guys get jealous that I get to stay at home and play with my kids all day. When I get that question, I say, "Hopefully, never!" I am not going to be defined by a job any longer. I want to be defined by the kind of dad that I am. Thanks, as always, for your thoughts, Bruce!

  3. Testify. I would love to be in D.C., but a 10 hour old baby precludes us. Take notes and share with the class when you get back please.

  4. WOW! I have been working and my wife home for over 7 years and my wife just got a call to work as a contractor with the very LARGE company she worked with previously. They will be paying her my monthly salary on a WEEKLY basis. So I find myself in a position of possibly being a SAHD. I also have an internet radio show on blogtalkradio and our website is Would love for you to be a guest on the show. We are Monday morning 6-7am(EST) and being able to call-in from the SAHD convention would be GREAT!! Let us know if you can swing it and if you would like to do another week that is fine as well. Thanks for all you do to make your family THE BEST.




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