Monday, November 7, 2011

#MOvember Update: You Pick The Style!

During the month of MOvember, I will be posting pictures on MOndays to update you on the growth of my MOvember mustache.  Here is my current status.  It's a very grainy picture.  I think it helps to make it look fuller than it really is.  So far, the Dads 2.0/NYC Dads/Dads/Dad Bloggers group has raised over $5,000!


YOU can have a say in what style of stache I grow!  That's right, the person that donates the most to my MOvember campaign will get to choose from one of the styles* on the poster below.  At the end of the month, I will cut to that style, and post a picture for everyone's enjoyment.  Right now, the total to beat is $15.  You can do that, right?  Click on that handsome MoBro in the top right corner and donate today!

* For some unexplained reason, my face will not be able to grow The Trucker.  I have tried. I can't get it to connect with the goatee.  My mustache hair stops at the corners of my mouth, and my beard hair refuses to grow that high.  So, you can choose The Trucker, but my face will ultimately let you down.  Unless of course you wanted to see large, hairless gaps between my mustache and beard hair. Then you're golden!


  1. Does a Soul Patch count? My mustache is PATHETIC! It's lop-sided...

  2. I think the rules state that as long as your mustache does not connect to your side burns or beard, it is legal. Soul patches are a gray area.

  3. The trucker looks like a winner to me.

  4. Jack... You're going to have to put some money up to see it!

  5. LOL too funny because I have been working hard to get my BF to shave his! : )

  6. In Movember, you sing "Let it Grow" and in December you sing, "Let it Snow!"



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