Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sometimes, Laughter is NOT the Best Medicine

I have learned a few things this past week, but I haven't always learned them the easy way.

Laughter is not always the best medicine.

In most cases, laughter is a great medicine.  It renews the spirit, warms the heart and brings you closer to the ones you love.  However, when someone is recovering from abdominal surgery, laughter is not the best medicine.  I found this out during this past week when I made my wife laugh a little too hard a few times.  This is totally my fault.  I have built our relationship on my ability to make her laugh.  It's probably the only reason she gave me a chance in the first place, so I just keep going !  I found myself struggling to NOT make her laugh, which only makes me laugh at the jokes that I am keeping in my head, which makes her laugh anyway because she can see me laughing on the inside and knows exactly what joke I was going to make, and so she laughs anyway... then she yells at me to stop.  I can't win. In the case of abdominal surgery, I have found that percocet is the best medicine.

When a parent is out of commission, your kid will get sick.

My wife's surgery went well, and she is improving every day.  She should be back to work soon.  Of course, my daughter did not like that mommy was getting all of my attention, and she decided it was time for an upper respiratory infection complete with a trip to our local urgent care facility.  Speaking of urgent care, there is actually nothing "urgent" or "caring" about urgent care.  Ours is actually called "express care," and this is the only local business that I know of where and hour and a half with nobody in front of you in line qualifies as "express." If you're ever short on band-aids or surgeon's masks, you can pick those up at the counter at your local urgent care.  Just go ahead and walk in, take some, take a seat for a minute and then leave.  I guarantee that nobody will ever know you were there.

When Everyone Else Is Better, You Will Get Sick

It's only biology.  You can't fight it (unless you find an immunity idol).  Just pray that you can get some rest.

My Face Looks Like a WANTED Poster

This is the time in Movember where I get lazy and don't shave.  My face begins to look like a wild west WANTED poster.  We are over halfway through Movember, and our team has raised over $12,000!  CLICK HERE to donate!  Even if it's just a dollar, all proceeds are for men's health initiatives and cancer research.


  1. Hope your wife and daughter get well soon. Poor little dear, she was probably feeling the stress of having mommy under the weather. :(

    Good luck with the Wild West look, watch out for bounty hunters! ;)

  2. @Enyo and @Marjorie - Thanks for the well wishes! Mommy went back to desk duty today, and baby is doing much better!

    @Marjorie - I'm looking for bounty hunters that would want to donate some of their money to my Movember campaign!

  3. Oh geez hope everyone is feeling better soon. Sucks when everyone is sick. Great job on your Movember campaign. If we were having a hair contest between your mustache and my armpits I'd win, btw.

  4. Your wife, your kids, and your extended family are BLESSED that most of the time they get the joy of your humor!

    A speedy recovery to you wife is my Thanksgiving wish for your family, Matt!

  5. @Bruce - As always, thank you for the kind words. See you at Dad Chat on Thursday night!



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