Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes: Funny Toddler Speak

I have written before about my daughter's problem with talking.  Well, she learned the words lion, monkey, and  elephant, so any of you that were still worried can rest easy.  Phew! I know.  Weight off your shoulders.  Recently, my little girl's vocabulary has expanded  exponentially, and it has grown to include some funny words.

Every toddler has a catalog of "cute" words that they mispronounce because they are difficult.  I mean, every kid probably says "sketti" or "bisketti" for spaghetti.  That's not uncommon.  

"Sketti" or "Bisketti"
My mom told me a story once about a cousin of mine who could not say "screwdriver" (and I'm not sure why you would need to teach a toddler this word because they don't usually make use of hand tools or drink socially) so he would say "ga ba ba" instead.  Clever, right?  That's a toddler for ya.

Can I buy you a "ga-ba-ba"?
Sometimes, it's just the way the kid says the word that is funny to you.  For example, if you ask my daughter what a car "says" she will answer "bee-beet".  Cute.  Wrong, but cute because she says it with such emphasis that you know she believes she's correct.  Other times, she is even "wronger" but it's so darn funny that we don't correct her.  For example, grandma gave her a marshmallow for the first time a few weeks ago, and now, whenever she visits grandma's house, she asks for her "mush pillows".    

Stay Puff "Mush Pillow" Man
My daughter also attempts words that she has no business attempting to say at 20 months old.  For example, last night, I made guacamole (heck, I even have to check to make sure I spelled it right!).  She tried it, and liked it, so she kept asking for "ah-ka-mi-mi".  I can't even correct that at this point.  "A" for effort kid.  

Guacamole Hummus - Posting recipe tomorrow!
Lastly, there is a word that she says that is just so funny that we can't correct her because we are too busy laughing.  If she ever said it in public, we would probably turn red.  Since everyone loves infographics right now, I will share this word in that manner. 

Yes folks, in the world of my toddler, black berries are called "black babies" and I'm okay with that for now. She will eventually grow out of it... I hope.  As long as she doesn't grow up to actually eat black babies I think we'll be okay.

What are some of your toddler's funny words?  What words did they mispronounce that embarrassed you in public?  Do you have a funny story about one of your toddler's 


  1. Whose child hasn't said "Fire F**k"? Great post. :)

  2. Hahaha awww so cute! let’s just she doesn’t grown up to eat black babies… so funny xx

  3. @Stacy - I deliberately spent extra time on the "Tr" sound so that would not happen. Thanks for stopping in!

    @Jen - Hey Triberr buddy! Thanks for stopping by. #LVPa1E

  4. Love this Matt (the black babies picture made me laugh out loud). In regards to Stacy's post, Carter actually said Tire F**k once. I almost died laughing!

  5. Haha! Black babies is best! My kid has a speech delay so we get all kinds of junk and he sounds like he has tourettes. He still can't say Dan, as in Dino Dan, and we get Dimo Damn, all the time, eh. Cute post.

  6. @Mo - Awesome!

    @Cari - Dimo Damn is great! Thanks for sharing!

  7. very funny,loving the black babies

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