Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Love to See a Grown Man Cry - @ABrockAI11

I stopped watching Fox's American Idol back when Simon left the show.  He was the only redeeming quality for me because he was blatantly honest, which is probably why I usually stopped watching after the auditions.  And even though I have officially moved on to NBC's The Voice, something has my eye on Idol this season, and his name is Adam Brock.

I actually went to college with Adam, and although we never met, I feel like we are part of the same family - of alums anyway.  Not only that, but Adam and I share another thing in common.  We're both daddies!  There is nothing quite like a grown man crying over his family.  Check out these clips of Adam, and if you haven't picked a favorite yet, it's not too late to cast your vote for Adam Brock and become one of the latest #Brockstars (his Twitter fans).


  1. I stopped watching American Idol pretty much after the first time I did watch only thing I really loved was the great way they brought Elvis back to life!

  2. @Bruce - Have you tried The Voice on NBC? The concept is much more honest. Blind auditions and then battle rounds of head to head singing. America picks the winner. Plus, the judges are really funny, and not in the tragic sort of way that Paul, Simon and Randy were funny.



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