Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Real Creepy Kids TV #8 - Dirt Girl World

DirtGirlWorld is a show that first became popular in Australia and Canada, but it has made its way onto children's television networks across the globe.  This girl is a tree-hugging, dirt-loving, vegetable-gardening freak.  I first saw this show on the Sprout network while I was on vacation last summer.  The baby was crying and we were searching for something that would help keep her occupied while we got ready to set out for the day.  This show did not sooth her, and it really freaked me out.

I actually love the premise of the DirtGirlWorld show.  It has very good messages about nature and the environment.  It also has very decent music for a children's show.  That said, the animation in this show freaks me the heck out.  They use human mouths (and sometimes entire faces) on the characters of the show, and while it is unique, it is incredibly scary.

What I can't understand is why this show couldn't be fully animated?  I'm sure it must be cheaper to pay someone to draw a mouth than to video a human delivering the lines and then superimpose it on a giant illustrated head, right?  You're already paying someone to draw the rest of the head!  Some characters on the show have full human faces on animated bodies.  Again, why couldn't they be animated as well?  Someone is already drawing the rest of the body.  Check out another creepy scene.

Anyway, I don't really have much else to write about on this one since there are no weird sexual innuendos (I'll slap you if you say in your endo!) like some of the other shows I have reviewed.  But I would be doing myself and my entire reading audience a disservice if I did not bring to light the hideousness of this creepy animation.

What do you think?  Do you have nightmares of this show too?

Creepy Kids TV is a regular series on this website where the author brings attention to children's television programs that are "creepy" in various ways.  These shows can be vintage or current.  If you have a creepy kids show that you would like me to write about, please message me on Twitter.  Thanks!


  1. I like it - (but then again I am Australian):)

  2. I hadn't seen it before but it is a bit freaky!

  3. Wow! Agreed! That IS pretty creepy!

  4. @60SecondParent - I guess you're numb to it since it's been around for so long down under. Are there any shows that DO creep you out? Thanks for stopping by!

    @The Rest - Thanks for chiming in. Any other kid shows that literally scare you?

  5. Ha!! The first time I saw this show, I was like WTF... But then my grand daughter ran into the room, hopped up on my bed and cuddled with me, and watch contently. It's creepy to big people but the kiddies love it.


  6. I absolutely LOVE it. And so does my 3 year old daughter. You cannot animate good looking eyes or mouths. At least I've never seen it. The live video of actors eyes and mouths shown inside the animated heads make it state-of-the-art appealing.

    The sound track is also very well done. I'm not to fond of the stunt of the day part of the show but the discussion of science and farming and conservation is educational for kids. I record this on my DVR and my daughter and I watch it together. I hope they make a lot more shows. I haven't seen anything as good as this in kids shows.

  7. @Debbie M. - Thanks for stopping by! Kids are not as picky as we are. That's why something like Yo Gabba Gabba or The Wiggles can become insanely popular.

    @tchite - If it's so hard to animate eyes, how can Disney manage to do it successfully in every single movie? They have some of the most expressive eyes in animation. While I don't have any problems with the music or the message, if you're going to try to convince me that the eyes and mouths of humans superimposed on a cartoon face isn't creepy, it's not going to happen. Thanks for the comment! Enjoy watching this creepy show!



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