Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3 Clues That The Terrible Twos Are Approaching (Guest Post)

Today's post comes from Adam at Hanging With Dad.  Adam is an at-home dad to a little man named Isaac.  Thanks for the warning on your shirt, Isaac. I'll be sure to do just that.  Enjoy this post, written as a prequel to my post a few weeks ago entitled "5 Signs That The Terrible Twos Have Arrived".
- The Real Matt Daddy

A few weeks ago, Matt posted 5 Signs That the Terrible Twos Have Arrived. After reading them, I'm glad to say that Isaac doesn't fit all of the requirements. Only partially #1 (The word NO becomes the only word she knows) and #4 (You begin to purchase food for its bargaining power).

What I HAVE noticed, however, is that Isaac is giving me some hints that he's almost there.  So ladies and gentlemen, here are the three clues that your toddler is gearing up for the terrible twos.

1) They learn the word "mine".Erin and I don't know where he learned the word, as we don't really use it that often, but we do tell Isaac that he can't have things because "that's Dada's" or "that's Mama's" when he tries to grab the iPod or laptop or anything that's too dangerous/expensive for his hands.

 2) They start letting you work while they're awake.

It used to be that if I even sat down in my office chair Isaac would be right next to my side DEMANDING to be up in my lap and slamming his hands on the keyboard. Now, however, he has decided that me sitting in my chair is not, after all, the most interesting thing in the world. So now, when I need, I can actually work on my freelance jobs for a little bit while he plays in the play room.

He hasn't graduated to full-on ignoring me, however. He still comes and checks up on me, wanting up on my lap, every 5-10 minutes, but I get some work in.

3) They start to tell
you what to do.

Apparently my child does not like trash. To the point where if I leave his night time diaper on the floor because he's in a rush and I don't have time to dump it, he'll go back later, point at it and say my name until I deal with it.

It used to not bother him at all, in fact he never really noticed it. Now, however, trash of any sort definitely bothers him. He'll pick it up and take it to the trash can himself.

For now, I'll take the warning signs of the Terrible Twos over the 5 signs that Matt told me about. Sure Isaac is becoming my boss, but pretty soon he's REALLY going to be my boss (and know it even more).

What's your kid doing to get you ready for the Terrible Twos?


  1. I found the terrifying three's were worse than the two's. And they hit me totally unawares like a great white shark smashing in to my surfboard. My kids are sneaky like that.
    Good thing you see the signs. Godspeed my friend ;)

    1. Thanks! It seems the threes just depends on the kid. Some chill out, and some are just getting started. With my luck, I'll get the latter.

  2. I'm almost out of the terrible two's, but my kid is making every moment count.
    I had to interrupt commenting because she was stirring with a pen in nivea creme.
    Excuse me while I go and clean that up..

    1. Oh... yeah, that Nivea burns if you get it in your eye. Have fun!



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