Friday, March 30, 2012

If Your Kids Like Bubbles, Try These!

My daughter LOVES bubbles, so I jumped at the opportunity to review two products from Imperial Toys that take bubble-lovin' to a whole new level.  They were also kind enough to send me two water balloon products that will be much more fun when my little one is older.  I have had a chance to use the Super Miracle Bubbles: Bubble Turbine and the Glow Fusion Bubbles Hi-Beam Sabre.  Here is what I thought of each of the products.

Super Miracle Bubbles: Bubble Turbine

I can't lie, this video would have been helpful if I had watched it before using the Bubble Turbine.  I wasted a lot of good bubble solution while I got the hang of how to use the new toy.  Once I figured out that it worked best if the wind was at your back and you sort of "wave" the turbine back and forth, I was able to produce hundreds of bubbles that kept my daughter entertained for a long time.

The best part about this toy is the quality of the Super Miracle Bubbles Solution.  These bubbles are crazy strong.  We had some floating for over a hundred feet, out of my yard and across the road (which is bad if kids are chasing them!).  A lot of bubbles wouldn't even pop when they hit the grass.  That's how strong they were.  The only downside is that you don't get a lot of the solution, and "normal" bubble solutions do not work nearly as well if you're trying to make the large bubbles.  If you like the second attachment that makes lots of little bubbles, the "normal" solution works pretty well.

I would recommend using the cheap stuff to get used to the operation of the machine and then switch to the Super Miracle Bubble Solution when you want to really show off.  Super Miracle Bubble Solution can be purchased separately, of course.

Super Miracle Bubbles: Glow Fusion Bubble Solution and the Hi-Beam Sabre  

Now you to enjoy bubbles at night time!  Who wouldn't have fun with these on a camping trip?  If you want to be the coolest Cub Scout mom, make sure you try these out.  They are very easy to mix, and they provide lots of glow power.  If you use them in a very dark place, the bubbles actually have a faint glow.  Of course, if you have a black light, the effects are even more dramatic.

The Hi-Beam Sabre is a cool way to use the Glow Fusion bubbles.  It's like having your very own light sabre from Star Wars!  Of course, I would not recommend getting into a fight as the plastic would surely break.  Again, the quality of the bubble solution is incredible.  The bubbles are super strong and float for a long time.

Imperial Toys also makes a lot of other cool stuff for summer fun including the Kaos line of water balloon launchers and the Kaos Tie-Not Battle Pump.  My two year old is not quite old enough for these, so we were not able to do a full review.  But if you check out the videos, older kids and teenagers would love to use them.  Check out their Facebook page for the latest info and offers from Imperial Toys.

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 

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