Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Catch A Match" - A FREE Kid's App for iPhone/iPad

Brave Bit App Studio is responsible for the iPhone/iPad apps "Mommy's Milk" and "Time Off".  Their latest effort, "Catch A Match" is available now (FOR FREE!) in the App Store for iPhone/iPad, and is quickly gaining momentum as it racks up five-star ratings.  Scott is the owner of Brave Bit, and was kind enough to give me a chance to try the game via a simulator (since I'm  currently a Droid dude), and I was addicted to Catch A Match from the get-go.  Keep reading to find out what I thought about the game and how you can enter to win one of four iTunes gift cards.


Objective & Game Play
iPhone Menu

Catch A Match is a new take on your classic tile matching game. The object of the game is to flip over the tiles two at a time to see if they match. If they do not, you try again. If you get a match, those tiles disappear. The goal is to match up all of the tiles in the least amount of time.  The controls are extremely simple so that even the youngest players can figure it out, even if they can't read.

The difficulty of play is increased by increasing the amount of tiles in the game, thereby increasing the amount of memory required to make the matches. There are two modes of play as well. You can play solo, or you can pass back and forth with a friend in two player mode.

The game itself is FREE and comes with a default theme of dog tiles.  To keep things interesting by changing up the theme, you can purchase additional tile packs in the App Store.  The current packs are letters and numbers.  Soon to be released packs include world flags, US Presidents, and various sports themed packs.


The graphics in this game are detailed and fun.  Words, letters, and numbers are large and easy to read.    Not only do the tiles turn over quickly, there is no lag time between getting a dead match and turning over your next tile (see video above).  This makes the game play very speedy and lots of fun for adults.  My favorite package of tiles is the dog pack.  They're so cute!  I look forward to seeing what future tiles are made available.  I would be a BIG fan of a frog pack.


The sounds of the game are crisp and clear.  The music and effects are fun and most importantly, not annoying.  When you complete a game, you are awarded with applause and cheers from what sounds like a small group of children.  This positive reinforcement should keep your kids coming back for more (and give your self-esteem a boost when you find yourself playing it on your lunch break).


I give this game five out of five stars.  This game has the best qualities - it's fun for all ages and it has the potential to be highly addictive.  The seamless response of the graphics is superior to a lot of similar game apps.  The controls are so intuitive that even young kids can enjoy the game, and the sounds are fun (and again, not annoying).  This is the kind of beautiful app that makes me want to get an iPhone or iPad.  Lastly, the price is right.  The game is free, and if you want to, you can invest in available match packs at a great price of 99 cents each.  Make sure you get your FREE COPY of this app today in the App Store.

All reviews on this site are completed in an objective manner.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  I'm just a nice guy.  This review was made possible by Scott at Brave Bit App Studio who let me temporarily hack his computer in order to play the game on a simulator because I'm too cheap to buy my own iPhone.  Thoughts expressed in this review are my own.  Brave Bit App Studio was also kind enough to include a giveaway of several iTunes gift cards.  See the widget below to enter.     

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