Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Two Great Ways To Organize Your Vehicle From @HIGHLANDproduct

One of the biggest challenges that parents face is keeping their vehicles neat and clean.  Kids are so prolific at making messes that it's hard to keep up.  That is one reason that I was excited to review these two great organizing products from Highland (also Reese Carry Power in some stores).  I knew these items would be helpful for a lot of parents.  

The second reason I was eager to review them is because I knew they would be great quality products.  When I worked as the manager of a Tractor Supply Company store, and I frequently called the folks at Highland/Reese to special order items for my customers.  Reese also supplied a large portion of the towing products found in my store.  I know how tough their towing products were, so I was sure that these family-oriented products would be able to withstand even the roughest kids in the toughest family.  Check them out!

Back Seat Activity Organizer

The back seat activity organizer from Highland/Reese was easy to install.  It comes with a latch system similar to that of a car seat so that the organizer stays in one place.  This helps keep all of your games and electronics from falling to the floor at every sharp turn.  Dimensions are 18" x 13" x 7".

This product is very durably built with great stitching and heavy zippers.  It will take a beating from the toughest kids and still keep all of their things in one place.  There are side compartments sized for video games, movies and books.  The center opens up to a large area where you can store a game console or other larger items.

Other Features:
-Functions as an arm rest.
-Keeps kids separated while on long trips to avoid fighting.
-It has a trash bag!  

Trunk Organizer

This product is easy to use.  Simply unfold the base and fill your reusable bags as needed.  When you are not using the item, it folds away neatly.  Dimensions are 21" x 12" x 12" when in use.

This product is durably built with quality stitching.  It is easy and convenient to use.

Other Features:
-Comes with three reusable storage bags.
-Bumper cover protects your clothes when reaching into the trunk.
-Bag labels lets you personalize your storage for each family member.

This review was made possible by O2 Media and "The Balancing Act".  I was provided with these two items by Cequent Consumer Products in order to complete the review.  I received no other compensation for this review.  Thoughts are my own.

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