Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Daddy Got Tricked

I am writing this post from the land of sunburned toes and salty sea breezes known affectionately as Bethany Beach, Delaware.  I am on vacation with my family, and I have to tell you about what happened to me yesterday, as it was a particularly traumatic experience.

On our second day at the beach, we decided to take some sand toys.  I set out to build a palatial estate for my daughter that would rival the Taj Mahal.  Granted, I only had a plastic hand shovel and a castle-shaped bucket, but I was determined!  After constructing what would be the foundation of this palatial estate, I was quite dismayed when my precious little girl walked over and tore it apart like a grizzly bear in a fish market while she giggled with delight.  She didn't just mess up one little corner that I could easily repair.  No... she didn't stop until she razed the entire structure.  And she loved every second of it.

The flaming wreckage of my sand castle palace.

Sensing my deep disappointment, my wife said, "Honey, why don't you go for a walk.  You don't really get much time to yourself.  I'll watch her, and you can just go check out what those guys are fishing for down there at the end of the beach."

It seemed like a good idea, so I set out on my walk.  I walked slowly at first, taking my time.  I picked up sea shells and rocks that I knew my daughter would be enamored with when I returned.  I investigated a horse shoe crab that had washed ashore the previous night.  I even stopped to dig for a few fiddler crabs.  And then I started thinking to myself, "I hope that our little one is behaving for mommy... sometimes she acts up when I'm not around... this is mommy's vacation too and she works hard for us, so I want her to be able to relax... I'd better hurry up and get back."

I didn't want to not be able to say that I had reached the guys that were fishing at the end of the beach, so I picked up my pace a bit.  I walked faster and faster toward the gentlemen that were fishing far in front of me.  As I walked, I noticed that I began to breathe a little bit heavier.  As I reached the end of the beach, I didn't even stop to talk to the guys that were fishing.  I just gave them "The Nod" and turned around to walk back, fearing that my daughter was running a muck.  Upon changing directions, I noticed that strange beads of moisture formed on my arms and face.  Even though the salty sea breezes were keeping my body cool and dry, my face and arms were wet with... perspiration?!  My pace had accelerated to an unfamiliar level.  I... was... exer...cising! NOOOOOOO!!!

I tricked myself into exercising while on vacation!

I got back to our blanket to find my daughter quietly playing in the sand while my wife read her magazine.  It's a good thing I hurried up to get back.  Things seemed to really be getting out of hand.


  1. LOL!! Exercising on holiday is criminal - I hope you had 2 desserts and at least 4 cocktails involving some sort of cream substance to compensate! xxx

    1. I made up for it last night with seafood and orange crushes... those things are dangerous! They really sneak up on you.

  2. I think a little more exercise is in order, Daddy!



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