Thursday, June 14, 2012

Take Home A Water Saving Shower Head From Danze

You want to "go green," help the environment, reduce your carbon footprint, and all of that other trendy tree-hugging stuff?  Of course you do.  In our home, we try to use less, recycle more, and make upgrades to our home that help decrease our use of natural resources.  I'll bet that you have already switched most of your light bulbs to compact fluorescent replacements, right?  Great!  What are you doing to use less water?  Have you installed low-flow faucet heads?  Maybe you have a newer home with a water saving toilet.  I'd be willing to bet that you never considered changing your showerhead to help conserve water.  Well, you can read what I thought of this water saving showerhead from Danze, and you can enter to win one of your own at the end of the review.  There is even a video of this product in action!  So, if you want to see the back of my fat head while I show you how to use this product, this is one review you won't want to miss!

Product Specifications

Model - 4" 503D Three-Function Water Saving Showerhead
Product Number - D460019 (Chrome)

Retail Value - $50

- 3 functions: wide, centerjet and aeration.
- Features D-Force™ Technology.
- Brass ball joint with polymer shell.
- Easy-Glide™ selector ring.
- Optimizes water intensity even at low pressures.
- Maximum flow rate 1.75 gpm @ 20 - 80 psi.
- Uses 30% less water than a standard showerhead flowing at 2.5 gpm.
- 56 easy clean jets.

See The Danze 503D In Action

My Thoughts About The Danze 503D Showerhead

My first reaction when I pulled this showerhead out of its packaging was, "Wow, this is not a cheap showerhead."  I had a low-flow showerhead provided by my electric company that was very cheaply made and I broke it within the first dozen uses.  This showerhead from Danze felt like it was durably constructed, and the Easy-Glide™ selector ring used to switch between the settings had a feel of quality.  I have had other showerheads where the female part that attaches to the water supply pipe from the wall is plastic, and they split as soon as you put a wrench on them.  I was very pleased to see that this showerhead was mostly metal, but more importantly, it was metal in all the right places.  

The three shower functions were great.  As you can see in the video above, there is a narrow soak called "aeration," a narrow forceful flow called "centerjet," and the typical wide shower function.  Those three are all anyone needs to get clean.  All of those fancy pulsing jets and whirling sprays found on more expensive models are really unnecessary, unless you're writing the next Fifty Shades of Grey.

Easy To Install

This showerhead was very easy to install.  Danze even provides the thread sealant tape in the box.  How kind of them!  All you need is an adjustable wrench, and a few turns of the wrist later, you're ready to shower.  It literally took me less than thirty seconds.  For those of you who are not quite Mr. or Ms. Fix-It, there are detailed instructions included in the packaging.

Showered With Savings

One thing you might be concerned about when you hear the term "water-saving" is that there will be a drop in water pressure.  That's just not the case with this showerhead.  The Danze 503D has patented  D-Force™ Technology.  That's just fancy talk for dual-valve system in the head so that the water flow remains consistent, even at low pressures.  What does that mean for you?  You end up using 30% less water than a regular 2.5gpm showerhead with no loss of water pressure.  How's that for "going green"?   

Win Your Own Danze 503D Water Saving Showerhead

You can win this exact showerhead by entering the Rafflecopter widget below (or on my Facebook page).  Thank you to Danze for providing me with my own showerhead to review and one showerhead to give away.  I was not compensated in anyway for this review.  Thoughts are my own.


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  1. There are many songs I love to sing in the shower...lately I've been getting kids songs stuck in my head! Noooo!

    1. "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?..."

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  2. Whatever's stuck in my head. Right now I'm at risk of singing "For the Longest Time" by Billy Joel.

    1. It must be hard to snap your fingers and hold your shower puff.

    2. HEY! Mr. Soapy Fingers, YOU WON!

  3. Usually that Around the World (La La La La La) song that gets stuck in my head

  4. I don't sing in the shower... they have to be super quick so I can get back to my kid who hates when I shower!



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