Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BIG NEWS for #RealFatherhoodStories and #RealFatherhood

A little over a month ago, I began featuring YOUR stories of what I call "real fatherhood."  These stories are a quick glimpse into a specific moment you had with your father (or as a father).  The goal is to explore the actions and emotions of that moment and capture the "magic" of it in 500 words or less.  I have been blessed to receive several responses to my initial call for submissions, and I hope to keep publishing them for as long as they keep rolling in.  This week, #RealFatherhoodStories just got way much more awesomer.
There's this little site called The Good Men Project (TGMP).  It's actually not a little site at all (I think they get roughly 3 million page views a month).  They started a feature called "Real Fatherhood" and were using the hashtag #RealFatherhood on Twitter.  It was only natural that we found each other, and we are now joining forces to achieve the goal of celebrating involved fatherhood.

About TGMP's #RealFatherhood Campaign

The #RealFatherhood campaign was designed to call attention to dads being awesome.  They are using Twitter to ask YOU what it means to be a dad, and they are asking for pictures of #RealFatherhood in action.  Click here for more about the #RealFatherhood campaign. 

The second part of the campaign is going to be called "Images of Real Fatherhood" and will be short stories and photos of fathers in action assembled into one larger feature article.  

How We Are Working Together

If you submit your #RealFatherhoodStories entry to my site, it will ALSO be published on TGMP's site, and could be included in the final "Images of Real Fatherhood" feature.  How's that for bonus traffic?! 

So, what do you need to do to get involved?  It's simple.  First, read the requirements for a #RealFatherhoodStories entry.  Next, click on the #RealFatherhoodStories tab at the top of the page and get familiar with the other great stories that have already been published as examples.  Finally, email me your submission for consideration.   


  1. LOL....Just my luck....I already did your real fatherhood story....not complaining I would do it for you again in a heartbeat Matt!


  2. Don't worry! I submitted all of the previous #RealFatherhoodStories articles for consideration.

  3. That's awesome. Should be a terrific collaboration. I will be keeping an eye out for these stories now too.

  4. Feel free to submit one too!

  5. That is SO fantastic! I hope a lot of dads join up and get involved! What fun!

  6. It's not just for dads! Moms can write about their dads too!

  7. Hey Matt...that is great news. Sounds like a great partnership opportunity. TGMP has a lot of great content. I will try to put a few tweets together for you soon. Have a great week! :)

  8. You're welcome to submit as well. This is a big audience, and it would be great to take advantage of an opportunity to tell a great story.



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