Friday, June 3, 2011

Creepy Kid's TV Moment #2 - Lamb Chop & Shari Lewis

Scene: Kid show writer's room
Who:  Producer and writer

Writer: "I have an idea for a kid show.  I'm going to get the lovechild of Ronald McDonald and Shirley Temple (aka Shari Lewis) to demonstrate the power of imagination.

Producer: "Sounds good so far kid, how are you going to do it?"

Writer:  "I'm going to have her dance a waltz with the decomposed body of a human being while juvenile animal puppets sing joyfully in the background."

Producer:  "Sounds like a perfect way to teach kids about imagination!  Can you make the skeleton sing too?  Oh, and have the skeleton grab her rear."

Writer: "Absolutely, sir. No problem."

Go ahead and watch the first fifty seconds or so of this video. Tell me you're not creeped out just a little.

If you watched more than the fifty seconds or so I asked you to watch, I really question your judgement.

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