Friday, June 17, 2011

Product/Service Review: The Lollipop Book Club

Wow! Who knew tacos would be such a hit? Definitely a new record for this site. Thanks for liking what I'm doing, and keep telling your friends! Now, if all of you could just click on one of those Google links over there to the right, daddy can get some beer money! Just kidding, of course. I never intend to make money with this site, but if you see something you like in the Google or Amazon boxes, feel free to click.  I will get fractions of a penny.

My goal is to be open and honest with you about my efforts here, and those who want to help out certainly can feel free to do so.  I aim for full disclosure, just like the U.S. government (why, yes, that is my tongue in my cheek, how observant!), so if I am getting paid to review something, I will let you know.  I am open to doing reviews; however, the products will be carefully scrutinized and if they are good, they will get a good review.  If they are bad, they will get a bad review regardless of my receiving anything in return.

"Our customers love the concept of The Lollipop Book Club. They love the idea that we turn a gift of books into an "experience" for a child. The sweet lollipop, the special note, and the monthly package arriving on a child's doorstep all make this a gift never to be forgotten." - Karen Gallagher, Owner, The Lollipop Book Club

We came across the Lollipop Book Club by way of my daughter's godfather.  He sent my her a six month package of baby books for her first birthday.  Each month, we receive a new book, and in a signature red envelope, there is a card with a sticker we can place inside the book if we want.  It has the birthday message from the sender.  Not only do we get a book, we also get a new baby washcloth that is creatively folded to resemble a lollipop, hence the name.  Older kids can get real lollipops, but my baby is still too young.  My daughter's godfather did a great job picking out the books, and some of them have become her favorites. The books arrive in the mail, and serve as a monthly reminder to spend a little extra time with the baby.  It's also great to constantly have new material to read as children's books often wear on you fast (no, I will not read Pat the Bunny again!)

Upon receiving this gift, I took the time to view the web page of the Lollipop Book Club, and I was surprised to see all of the options that they provide.  You can shop by age, theme or package, and you can customize your book/lollipop/letter combination in hundreds of different ways.  They have lots of titles to choose from and you can narrow your search in each age group by gender, holidays, Caldecott winners, Parents' Choice, and Lollipop favorites.  With gift packages starting at $15, there is something for every budget.  The nice touch with this service is that you get to customize the message you want to send, just like sending flowers!  The lollipops are creatively fun as well.  They often send a themed lollipop depending on the time of year (snowmen for winter, Easter eggs for spring, etc.).  They are also not afraid to customize orders beyond what is offered on the site.  They are open to any ideas, "We want you to ask," the site says.  The site itself is very easy to use, and you can quickly navigate to something you have in mind. The pricing is fair, and for the convenience of buying online, presents a great value to the customer.  I highly recommend this unique service as we have received endless amounts of joy each time we receive a new book to read with our daughter.

In the interest of disclosure, I am receiving nothing for this review. I just genuinely like the company. That is why I have signed up to be an affiliate marketer for their site. If you click on the link to the right, and you end up making a purchase, I will receive a 5% commission. The following review was already completed before I discovered their affiliate program, and has in no way influenced my decision to review this company. Feel free to comment if you have used this service or if you have any questions for me about using it. Thanks!


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