Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Second Father's Day

The first day of Summer greeted my waking eyes with a rain shower.  Yay for the garden, boo for the kids who want to play outside.  I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on Father's Day.  I saw a card while I was shopping for my dad, and it said "Why is Father's Day in June? Because about a month after Mother's Day, somebody went, 'Hey, wait a minute!'"  Anyway, here is a little bit about my second Father's Day.

I have to tell you, depending on what month you have your first child, the second Father's Day is often better than the first. Our daughter was born in March of 2010, so for my first Father's Day, she didn't do anything. Lazy kid. She just laid there on her Boppy Lounger and barely woke up.

This year was much better, as her mommy helped her sign my Father's Day card. She's also big enough to want to help me open my presents (two awesome barbecue sauces and a giant tub of pickles - Claussen, the only pickle that gets my stamp of approval). What makes this Father's Day extra special is that I was home to enjoy it. Last year, I was probably working on Father's Day. Being a retail manager for a manly national retailer, Father's Day is kind of a big deal, so I was always forced to work. Now that I have been home with her for almost three months, I don't regret my decision to leave for one second. I have seen so many amazing changes. I am truly excited to be a dad, and I am more "into it" than ever before. Our family is happy, and life is good.

So, even though the first Father's Day is very special, I think most men will agree that the second is often more memorable.

In honor of fathers everywhere, I am posting this video that was played in church on Sunday.

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  1. I definitely just got tweeted by Claussen Pickles for this post. Wow.



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