Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She's already manipulating!

At exactly 16 months, my daughter launched phase one of her master plan to manipulate me into total submission.  And I almost fell for it!

As I have mentioned before, my daughter has never been a fan of real milk straight from the jug.  So, we have tried several alternatives before settling on drinkable yogurt, which we cut with regular milk (sounds like I'm cooking drugs, right?).  We have been fond of the Gerber brand called "Yogurt Juice" which comes in a four-pack for around $2.50.  My wife wanted to try the Beech-Nut brand since it had less sodium and more vitamins.  So, we tried the Beech-Nut brand last week, and my daughter didn't want anything to do with it.  Sure, she got her dairy from other things, but Monday through Thursday, she didn't take more than two sips a day from her milk cup.

Friday comes along and I keep her home from VBS because she is sick with a cold (that she lovingly shared with mom and me).  I try to lay her down for her normal nap time around 12:30PM and she just won't go to sleep (Warning: LANGUAGE! NSFW).  Mom came home from work early around 1:00PM and that just got her more excited.  So, we let her stay up to try and tire her out.  It didn't work.  Around 2:00PM we decided to try again.  With all of the crying and wailing, you'd have thought we were in a third-world nation ravaged by famine and pestilence.  But no, we were in her bedroom with the perfect ambient lighting, temperatures and barometric pressures.

Mom comes to the rescue and tries to rock our unhappy camper while I sit on the bed next to the rocking chair (because if I leave the room there is more crying, obviously).  All is going well until my daughter sits straight up and looks at me with sad puppy eyes and says, "Milk?"  I was so close to walking downstairs to retrieve the plastic vessel of bovine derived sustenance, but then I remembered that she has already had a full cup of juice so she can't possibly be thirsty.  I also remember that she hasn't wanted anything to do with milk all week.  It finally hits me - she is manipulating me!  Already?  No; this can't be happening.  I'm not ready yet!  She can't even formulate complete sentences, and yet she is able to formulate a strategy that allows her take advantage of my gullibility to avoid going to sleep?  This is crazy!  This is a battle I will never win because she has this weapon for which I have no countermeasure - she already knows that she has me wrapped around her finger!

Maybe she's getting too smart from all of the trips to the library...

She is clearly advancing beyond her age group.

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