Friday, July 22, 2011

Where did that new bath toy come fr-OH MY GOSH!

It took almost sixteen months, but it finally happened. As I watched my daughter playing in the tub the other night, a new toy appeared. But to my shock and awe, it was not, in fact, a toy. It was, in fact, a poop. That's right, she did it. Pooped in the tub. Right in there! No grunting. No turning red like she usually does. No warning whatsoever! Just let it out right there among the usual toys. Multi-colored sea turtles, a little lobster and a crab, a riverboat, a purple surfboard, a rubber ducky, and a giant poo. At least it was solid.

At this point in my stay-at-home-dadhood, I was fully prepared for this incident. Nothing can prepare you for the initial shock, but I feel like I responded appropriately and took care of the mishap without flinching. I don't know that I could have handled an event of this magnitude a year ago. I mean, poop in a diaper is one thing, but poop in a tubful of water with a child and toys in it is another. I suppose that I have changed since becoming a dad, and I know I have changed even more since choosing to be a stay-at-home dad.  A year ago, I would have run to get mom to clean up that mess.  Now I tackle the daily problems with ease.

I am not looking at this from a prideful stance, but more from the position of appreciation.  I never fully appreciated what my wife was doing during our daughter's first year.  I was too busy working, and I was never home.  I had the luxury of arriving home after my daughter was asleep and waking up before she woke up each morning.  The most I had to handle was changing her diaper and feeding her on my one day off.  I didn't understand the daily grind of being a mom to an infant.  I took my wife for granted, and I regret that.  But hopefully, I am making that up to her now with all of our extra family time and dinners together.  We're in a much better place, and I know that I couldn't do what I am doing today as a stay-at-home dad without her.

I have to keep it brief today as my little girl is sick and needs my attention.  I hope you enjoy the best quotes from this week's VBS that are included below.

*The drink of choice during this post is mint green tea made from fresh orange mint leaves from my herb garden and brewed with green tea and tarragon in the hot summer sun.

VBS quotes of the week:

S: "Thanks for the hugs."  (I told all of the kids who were soaking wet after my station that they had to give the music teacher hugs. She started bribing them with lollipops for them not to give her wet hugs.)


"I want to be a sinner when I grow up!" - Kindergarten aged girl


D: "What's the theme of tomorrow's lunch?" (*lunch provided for the helpers)
A: "Mexican."
D: "Are you making sangria?"
A: "No."
D: "You can make them without alcohol."
A: "Yeah, but I don't think we want the children running home to tell mommy that the helpers were all drinking sangria."


Husband and wife volunteers talking during games at my station...
M: "The kids saw my red underwear because my shorts were falling while I was running."
C: "Great, that will be the one thing they tell their moms."


How it was told to the kids by me:
"Kids, we are going to play some water games this week, so make sure you tell your moms and dads or whoever is bringing you to VBS that you need to wear clothes and shoes that can get wet."

How it was reported to my wife's co-worker by her daughter:
"Some man told me to wear my bathing suit to VBS tomorrow!"




  1. lol, that is priceless! As a soon to be SAHD myself I can honestly say that I cant see myself dealing with the bodily functions to well even in a diaper, let alone in the tub. I suppose in a year or so I will be in the same boat as you though. Great post, look forward to reading more.

  2. You get used to it. I think it is different when the bodily functions aren't from your own spawn. But when you know it's yours, and that you're responsible for it, the task becomes easier.



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