Friday, October 28, 2011

The Not So Terrible "Toos"

My daughter just passed the nineteen month milestone, and she has reached an interesting phase.

Everyone knows about the "terrible twos" and how parents who haven't started disciplining their child yet are left chasing them around in the wake of their destruction.  This is the point at which most parents decide to discipline if they haven't already. Why? Because their child is out of control. From temper tantrums to biting, their child has become the total opposite of the sweet angel that these parents thought they had a year ago.  They become emotional freight trains that veer off the tracks, and heaven help anyone standing in the way.  There are plenty of resources to help you deal with the terrible twos, and honestly, I hope I never have to deal with the worst of them.  But my daughter is going through a different phase.  I call this phase the "not so terrible toos."

My daughter has discovered the word "too" as in "also."  This has led her to start placing the word "too" after EVERYTHING.  Milk too, paci too, Elmo too, books too... and on and on and on.  This new habit is most annoying because I have to decode everything she says.  When she adds the word "too" it is as if it is part of the first word, so "milk too" sounds more like "milktoo" and "paci too" sounds like "pacitoo.".  It doens't look that bad when I type it out, but trust me, it adds some frustration to my day.  Once I figured out that she was saying the word "too" it got a lot easier.  I am really hoping that this is just a phase so that one day, she will be able to order from Arby's without any problems.  I would hate for her to be at the drive through and say, "I would like a combo number one too."  She'd probably get a Market Fresh Salad instead of her number one original roast beef, and that isn't good for anyone involved!


Next week, I will be re-vamping the Matt Daddy's Kitchen part of the site and posting my fall/winter recipes.  Look for that on Tuesdaytoo! Dang it.


  1. THAT photo is too (get it "Too") adorable!

  2. The only thing anyone should eat from Arbys is the potato cakes with Arby sauce. At least until I figure out what's in Arby meat.

    Btw that Bruce up there is a cornball.

    And if youre wondering, I entered porn, beating up old people, and old people porn in your KISSinsights box. Hope that helps.

  3. @Bruce - Microsoft finds the cutest kids, don't they? I usually don't post current pics of my kid. Thanks for the comment!

    @Christina - Arby's was the only place with enough combos for me to make my joke. Sad, but that is the only reason I picked it. I am well aware of Bruce and his ways. And as for your suggestions, I'll see what I can do. I can't promise that my daughter will have the opportunity to beat up an elderly couple during their porn shoot (probably not much of that going on out here in my neck of the woods), but if she does, you'll be the first to know!



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