Friday, March 9, 2012

Check Out These Awesome Dads!

I thought that today's post should be dedicated to a few dads that have been getting things done lately.  Here are three dads that are making us proud.
Chris Routly

First of all, I want to recognize Chris Routly (who I mentioned on Tuesday).  His petition to challenge Huggies to embrace fatherhood instead of poking fun at dads has ruffled some feathers at Kimberly-Clark  after it was picked up by and The Washington Post's blog.  The Facebook page of Huggies has a message from the VP of Huggies Brand for Kimberly-Clark (you can also read it if you click on the link to Chris Routly), and while the executive takes responsibility for the marketing flop, he doesn't really explain how they plan to engage fathers and involve them in their corporate culture from here out.  That is what I view as the major problem at Huggies (and I'm not alone).  When a brand does not celebrate all types of family as a part of their corporate culture, they are going to mess up.  They are going to offend part of their target audience.  That is exactly what happened to Huggies, and unless there is a major corporate change, it could easily happen again.  But kudos to Chris for getting them to pay attention!  His efforts deserve recognition.

Kevin Fleming
Another dad that I want to highlight is not a blogger, but he is a problem solver.  His name is Kevin Fleming, and I believe he has a product that will change the world of parenting.  He just needs a few people that believe in it to get production started.  Watch this video, and then visit the Kickstarter campaign site for the Spill Stopper Training Cup.  There are only fifteen days left in the campaign, and he still needs a big chunk to get rolling on producing this awesome product.

Tray Chaney
Thirdly, I want to give a shout out to Tray Chaney, who I featured a few months ago with his #Fatherhood movement video.  This time, he's back with a vid called "Radical Readers", and it was recently picked up by the Maryland State Education Associate for their Read Across Maryland Campaign.  The campaign encourages children to read for at least thirty minutes a day to help them succeed in school.  Tray has been doing shows at middle schools across Maryland, including this one in the neighborhood where he grew up.  He is also signed on to be a contributor (as am I) to the upcoming book Dads Behaving Dadly.  Make sure to check out the Radical Readers video below, and check out this round table discussion with Tray talking about the process of creating the video at his old school and the importance of the message to read every day.

James Hudyma
Finally, I want every dad to listen to our new anthem, written by James at (@SaskaDad)  It's called 21st Century Dad, and it manages to incorporate all of the great stuff we do on a daily basis and put it to a catchy tune.  Check it out below.


  1. You’re the second blogger to mention Huggies. Boy, did they really screw things up in the PR department.

  2. Love getting a glimpse at some of the other dads I've missed.... wait, that sounds a bit bad since I'm a single girl... hmmm. ;)



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