Sunday, March 11, 2012

@DoveMenCare Has Gone Mad - Check it out!

Saturday morning, in a hotel in Austin, Texas, Dove Men+Care sponsored a session at the Dad 2.0 Summit about how to take care of yourself (so that you can take care of your family) through personal fitness.  I love a company that understands men, and more importantly, understands how to market to them.  That's why I will be working with Dove Men+Care to bring you the latest on their March Madness promotions, including some great videos, Facebook apps, product reviews and even a giveaway.


Dove Men + Care has your chance to win a trip to the 2013 Final Four.  All you have to do is visit their site and master three basketball games - free throws, three pointers, and trivia.  Master all three and you are entered into their grand prize giveaway for a VIP trip to next year's Final Four.  Plus, there are instant win games that you can play once a day for a chance to win NCAA gift cards and autographed gear!

JOURNEY TO COMFORT - With Tom Izzo, Steve Nash, and Shaquille O'Neal 

Dove Men + Care is celebrating March Madness with a little help from Shaquille O'Neal, Tom Izzo, and Steve Nash.  These guys have created candid videos where they discuss how they handled the pressures of criticism, bullying, booing, and the Final Four on their way to becoming guys that are comfortable in their own skin.  I love these clips, especially the videos from Shaq.  It's hard to imagine someone as big as Shaq ever getting teased in school.  My favorite video, by far, is titled "Secret Weapon" and features Shaq explaining his RAAAA Defense strategy when coaching his son's basketball team.

Shaq's Big Excuse Facebook App

Did you know that more vasectomies are performed during the month of March than any other month of the year?  It's true.  With the start of March Madness comes a 50% spike in vasectomy procedures every year.  What better excuse for partaking in March Madness than cooling your man-parts with a giant bag of ice after a minor surgical procedure?  If you have already used this excuse, don't worry, Shaq has got you covered.

Dove Men + Care has developed a Facebook app that you can use to get Shaq to call your wife or your boss with an excuse to get you off the hook so you can watch March Madness.  Just "Like" their page, click on Shaq's Big Excuse, and enter the information.  Your recipient will get a call from Shaq, and you should be good to go watch the game.

Check back soon for my review of the Dove Men + Care products that will include a giveaway of some great Dove Men + Care products.   


  1. I expect to see YOU at the next Dad 2.0 Summit, Matt!

    1. I am working on getting that trip into next year's budget and possibly staying for SXSW too. I have a few friends in Austin who I can hopefully crash with. We'll see. I need to try to get on a panel.

  2. Vasectomy- that is a four letter word in my book.

    1. Dude, I hear ya. But the facts cannot be ignored. You can just use the Shaq excuse generator instead.



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