Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fathead Wall Graphics Review & Giveaway

I'm writing this review from a warm beach in the tropics.  Actually, that's a total lie. I'm in my bedroom standing in front of a tropical mural from Fathead.  What's the heck is Fathead? Fathead is the Real. Big. leader in officially licensed sports and entertainment graphics. Fathead offers a wide range of stunning images that gives fans the opportunity to bring their favorite passion or inspiration to life. Fatheads are Real.Big. movable, reusable wall-graphics that feature an exclusive combination of high-quality vinyl and low tack adhesive that enables them to be moved from wall to wall with no surface damage.  Fathead was kind enough to send me this tropical mural, and now you can read what I thought about their product and have a chance to win one of your own!

Go Big.

Fathead wall graphics are BIG.  The mural that I am standing in front of is six feet wide and four feet tall.   Their flagship series is called "Real.Big."  These are life-size, high definition wall graphics of professional athletes, animated heroes, entertainment characters, team helmets, stadiums and logos.  Imagine having a life sized Ray Lewis on your wall.  Imagine looking into Justin Verlander's eyes as he prepares to deliver the high heat.  How about a 6'6" Incredible Hulk busting out of your kid's bedroom wall?  That would certainly scare off any bad guys he might be afraid of.  You don't have to imagine.  Fathead has it all - sports stars from every major league, cartoons, fine art, decor, dinosaurs, and they even give you the ability to customize your very own Fathead by uploading your own images.

Real. Big.

The quality of the photography on Fatheads is fantastic.  You might think that such an exploded image would have poor quality, but not with Fathead.  Their graphics are so life-like.  Just look at this high definition image of the world champion Miami Heat's, LeBron James.

You can expect this quality from every Fathead, whether it's a mural like mine or a sports star or a cartoon character.  It is clear that they strive to deliver the best images possible so that you feel like your graphic is a new member of the family.  

Easy Application

Getting a Fathead wall graphic onto your wall might seem like a daunting task.  It's really not difficult at all.  They use a special low tack adhesive so that the graphic can be removed and reapplied without damaging your walls.  Plus, they send easy-to-follow instructions and a handy applicator tool.  I was able to put up my tropical mural by myself, but I would recommend having two people.  And always measure three times before applying the decal.  It is not fun to re-position them after you just worked out all of the air bubbles.  

A Great Experience

Working with Fathead was a great experience.  I was able to easily make my selection (after my wife talked me out of hanging a giant Ray Lewis on our bedroom wall).  It arrived quickly in a secure container so that it would be nearly impossible to damage while shipping.  They are made in the USA.  They really are amazing.  And now, I can play pirates whenever I want!

I would definitely consider purchasing another Fathead because of the quality of the product.  If you purchase before July 3rd, they are offering
15% off site wide!  

*I was provided with a free Fathead wall graphic in order to complete this review of their product. Thoughts are my own. 

Win A Fathead

If you really whiffed on your Father's Day present this year, you have an opportunity to redeem yourself with this Fathead wall graphic giveaway.  

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  1. I gotta say, that classic Batman and classic Wolverine are AWESOME.

  2. I want a Peyton Manni.... oh crap he isn't a Colt anymore. I most likely will get the large horseshoe or the helmet

  3. Fatheads are so cool!

  4. Fatheads are so cool!

  5. yarrr matey with the head-kerchief on lol... if i had to get one of these nifty items, It would be one of the artsy ones... probably "branch of an almond tree in blossom" by van gogh

  6. II would normally pick something for myself but since I have been re-doing my sons playroom i would go with the Cars or Cars 2 collection for him. You know how it goes as a dad I am always the last to get new

  7. I love the Mickey Mouse Movie Magic Montage (

  8. Ours would go in the "man cave"! A nice addition to the Raven's room. Love flatheads, I have seen them in person and they are pretty amazing!

  9. I'm thinking batman for the man cave.

  10. I love the Seattle Waterfront - grayscale and the way it used to look. I only wish is was MUCH BIGGER! :) I had no idea they did more than sports.

  11. I'd probably choose the Longhorns logo or the Fenway Park Skyline Mural.

  12. That Marshawn Lynch REAL.BIG. Fathead Wall Graphic would be freakin' awesome.

  13. The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

  14. TheRealMattDaddyJuly 5, 2012 at 2:53 PM

    Congrats! You won! Look for an email from me soon!

  15. TheRealMattDaddyJuly 5, 2012 at 2:54 PM

    Hi, everyone! Sorry we didn't draw yesterday (it was a holiday). Our winner was Emily from Nap Time Is My Time. Congratulations, Emily! Thanks to everyone for playing, and be sure to check out all the great stuff that Fathead wall graphics has to offer.



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