Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TweetChat: A Water Cooler for the At-Home Parent

A few months ago, I wrote a guest post for Benchmark Email, a company that handles email marketing campaigns for businesses.  They wanted the perspective of a work-at-home/stay-at-home dad and what he appreciated about his working wife for their "Moms In Marketing" series leading up to Mother's Day.

I was recently approached about writing another post that told readers about my favorite tech item whether gadget or website.  My post was featured today during their "Favorite Tech Week," and I wrote about how TweetChat.com is my new water cooler.

Take a minute to read it, and make sure to comment, tweet, and retweet the link to the article to be entered into a drawing for a KINDLE FIRE!


  1. I just read the post and am so pleased you mentioned #DadChat...here is the comment I posted there:

    Well Matt, I came here wondering if you'd mention #DadChat and I was so pleased, honored, and happy that you did. #DadChat is just 15 months "young" and we now average well over 100 people (as many as 445) and over 1200 tweets per chat - that is 1 every 3 seconds.
    Our regular participants literally stay up late or set alarms to participate from the U.K., Japan, Romania, all over Canada, Australia, and sometimes even Africa. It is amazing.
    Thursday nights and #DadChat are the highlight of my week. I "meet" GREAT people - like you - and learn much from our guest hosts.
    When Guy Kawasaki guested, that was the night 445 people participated and we have OVER 2,000 tweets and 81.1 MILLION impressions.
    THAT is water cooler talk, a kick, and the beginning of a beautiful thing...

  2. YEAH, you got Disqus! Here's an irony for you...my comment wouldn't take on Benchmark. I've posted it twice and it's just stalled!



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